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Important Portal Notices. - last updated 30/06/2015 @ 08:30

RdSAP convention changes

Please be advised that the RdSAP conventions v8.0 go live today (30th June 2015)

A copy of the new RdSAP conventions can be downloaded from the News page of the portal or directly from the notification that will appear when you log in.
There is also a new CPD module covering the RdSAP conventions available for completion. The link and password required to access the module are available on the News page of the portal once you have logged into your account.

Please log in to your account for further information

Update to EST missing address form

Scottish assessors should be aware that the form required to request new addresses be added to the Scottish register has been updated.
The new form can be downloaded from the News page of the portal under the digital certificates headed section.

New CPD module available for commercial EAs.

Please be advised that a new CPD module, worth 3 hours, has been made available for commercial energy assessors.
To gain access to the CPD module, please log in and, within the News page of the portal, see the section headed "Important Portal Notices".
The module link can be found in the third heading down.